Tuesday, 21 July 2015

A positive mindset towards going to work...

Following on from my last post, today I'm going to talk about my mindset towards going to work. Although the vast majority of the time I'm fine when I have got there, taken my coat off and made a brew, the prospect of a day or two at work gives me an anxious feeling right in the centre of my chest. The sensation is similar to the one I used to get when I was eight or nine and found saying goodbye to my mom at the school gates a torturous and anxiety-riddled experience. Last Summer, I worked much more regularly than I do currently - two or three days a week. This summer, I'm not so desperate for money, which is lovely, but it also means that when I do the odd day at work, I feel far less in the swing of things and I tend to work myself up unnecessarily. It's just silly, because nine times out of ten, work goes pretty well, and I feel confident and productive. Nevertheless, as a work day looms closer, the worried feeling is present, nudging the back of my mind. 

My boyfriend, Tom, has a great outlook on going to work. His positive mindset and dislike of moaning and laziness has made me appreciate how good I have it, and encouraged me to improve my feelings towards working. Tom has had many, many jobs, some better than others. These valuable experiences have given him the ability to compare previous jobs to his current one, and clearly see the advantages and positives of it. Tom is very popular and liked in his office, and I think his positive, friendly and upbeat mindset plays a big part in this. 

I find it very helpful to tell myself before a work day that: 
"I am a positive person"
"I am going to brighten my colleagues' day by being cheerful and optimistic"
and simply, "I will have a good day".
Work is a lot more enjoyable if I aim to be the friendly and chipper person in the office who cracks a few jokes and lightens the mood. It can be hard to stay positive if everyone around me is being negative and gloomy, but perhaps my sprightly mood will bring my colleagues out of their slump (that we all know is all too easy to fall into) and create a happier environment. 

A simple action that is beneficial for me is to text or ring Tom and my friends (who are also at work) during my dinner break. Knowing that my loved ones are also working and in the same boat helps me to get through the day, and realise how lucky I am to have a great deal of free time in the summer. Plus, a joke or two and a bit of lighthearted chitchat with my pals gives me a boost for the afternoon. 

Most people are at work through Monday to Friday, and to put it bluntly, many would rather not be! They'd prefer to be spending time with their children, making the most of the summer weather, or working on their blog. But ultimately, we've gotta work! If I want to get some goodies for my new university room, I better get working! If I want to expand my savings in order to improve my future, I gotta get my ass to work! But I do want to make the most of my working days and see them as days full of opportunity. I tend to write off work days as if they don't really exist, but they are a small chunk of my month, my year, my life... so I should make the most of them. 

I should note that my part time job right now is just a basic admin job that I've had during my teen years to earn a bit of cash... I hope that my future, real career will be one that I genuinely love and feel passionate about. 

I'm working on Wednesday and Thursday this week, and although there is a twinge of worry in my chest, I'm looking forward to having a catch up with my office pals and hopefully lightening their day by cracking a few jokes! Laughter is very necessary in my opinion! And on Friday, I will really appreciate having free time. My goal is to keep in mind that work days are days full of possibilities and opportunities too (no matter how little), and are a significant and affecting part of my life... so my mindset towards them is pretty important!


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  1. Loved this post, very well written :)
    I can totally agree with this, I don't particularly like my job, but we all need money right!
    I really liked the bit you said about trying to make the day at work count, because I am often just wishing the time away and looking forward to going home, I'm going to try and enjoy the time more :)