Monday, 13 July 2015

Rainy Day Cosiness

This morning I woke up to the sound to rain. Whereas this may fill many of you will annoyance, it gave me a cosy feeling of familiarity and happiness. I do love sunny weather, and a summer full of downpours disappoints me greatly. However, after a long spell of dry weather, I begin to miss the gentle (or sometimes quite aggressive!) pitter-patter of raindrops, gloomy light and sound of cars revving into puddles. 

It's so cosy to wake up in a duvet cocoon, knowing that the rain clouds outside have well and truly opened, and that pulling back the curtains would reveal an overcast sky rather than a blindingly bright blue one. 

When the weather is sunny and warm, I feel like I have to spend as much time as possible outside. In England, we can never been sure if a hot day is our last for ages! I feel guilty for retreating indoors to read some blogs or flop on the sofa with a cup of tea. In my mind, a rainy day justifies indulging in simple home comforts... reading whilst curled up in a blanket, watching an old black and white film (and giggling at the old fashioned, posh accents and archaic humour), or whipping up some treats in the kitchen. 

My cats tend to stay indoors more when it's raining, meaning I get their company more than I normally would... and I bloody love cat cuddles. Gem has spent most of the day snoozing on a rough scrap of old carpet meant for the bin... why do cats choose such odd beds?! And Tabs is currently sat on the table I'm working at, probably in the hope that I'll get up and feed her, but it's nice to have her company nonetheless. 

While the garden gets a good drink, my cats and I are enjoying a snug, indoors day under a cloudy sky. I'm crossing my fingers that sunny weather is on its way, but for now, I'm content to make the most of a rainy day or two. 



  1. I absolutely love being cosied up inside while it's raining - the picture you painted in the second paragraph is my favourite thing!
    Maeve // Thrift O'Clock

    1. It is so lovely! Strange how some people don't seem to enjoy it and just get grumpy when it's raining haha ;) x

  2. Duvet cocoons are the best! <3

  3. Aww, I agree with you actually! Sunny weather is great, but I love cloudy days. When it's raining, I like to cozy up in blankets and watch a movie. It does suck if I have to go to school on a rainy day... but either way, even if cloudy days are what people dub "gloomy days", I love them ~

    xx Chaereen | Inspinkle

    1. Yeah it can be annoying if you get drenched on the way to school! Curling up and watching a movie sounds like a good way to relax on a rainy day :) x

  4. I love rainy days! I love being under a blanket by the window and reading my book :)