Sunday, 19 July 2015

The "Falmouth Mindset"

The air is clear and fresh, with a hint of seaweed, the people are bronzed by the sun and relaxed, the pace of life is slow and mindful, and the overall atmosphere is zen. This is the impression I always get of Falmouth. Yesterday, I returned from a four night break in the lovely seaside town with my friend, Laura. We had a great time relaxing on the beach and browsing the shops, and both of us noted the different mindset that seems to be present. 

I have always lived in a city. I was born and raised in Birmingham and now live in Manchester most of the time. Cities are fast, busy, living and breathing places where people hop from train to bus, shop to office and club to party. I love living in a city and feeling involved in a buzzing mass of human life. To city dwellers like Laura and me, a beachy, chilled out, bohemian town feels very different. People seem to be more laid back, teens appear to be less influenced or bothered by what's trendy at the moment, the beach is an accessible and inviting place offering fun and relaxation... the overall atmosphere comes across as being easy going and serene. 

When in Falmouth, I become influenced by this laid back environment and find myself donning pretty bracelets and anklets, lusting after hair braids and trotting around in flip flops after a day or two. Less aesthetically speaking, I feel inspired to quieten my whirring mind more, live in the moment, follow my passions, and generally live a more peaceful and happy life. Although I find myself feeling like this in Falmouth, ultimately, it's just a mindset and isn't glued to a certain place. Despite Birmingham and Manchester being busy, urban places with faster heart rates, there's no reason why the "Falmouth mindset" cannot be adopted in these environments. 

What's stopping me doing yoga by the lake in my local park, like they do on the beach in Falmouth? And who said I can't roam around town in flip flops and anklets? Although it's easy to blame the city for hindering my quest for a more balanced and satisfying lifestyle, I'm sure that I can achieve it by altering my mindset. Like I said, I do love city living and I enjoy visiting places that contrast to where I live and feeling inspired on my return. I don't think life in a more isolated place would suit me... but it's great to visit and take something from the contrasting pace of life. 

I'm excited to work at being a more mindful, relaxed and motivated individual in my everyday life - a lot of it is just down to mindset after all, and I can take my mindset with me wherever I go. 


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  1. Oh I think I'd love Falmouth! I'm not really keen on the idea of uni but Falmouth is one of the ones that tempts me :)
    Maeve // Thrift O'Clock