Sunday, 16 August 2015

I wish I was a morning person...

I wish I was a morning person. I wish I could wake up at the crack of dawn and enjoy the stillness of the streets. I wish I could get my days started early and quickly, so that I could make the most of them. But my wishes are scuppered by the simple fact that I'm a big ol' night owl. My body and brain seem to long to stay up until silly o'clock, thinking of blog posts and watching vlogs. Even when I've risen at half six for work, I often can't help but stay up far too late, until my sleepiness has worn off... it just feels natural. If I am with my boyfriend and we have an early night, I usually end up reading a book or scrolling through Instagram for hours, whilst he sleeps (and probably snores) peacefully. Sometimes, I manage to crawl out of my marshmallow cocoon of a bed fairly early, but often sabotage my efforts by succumbing to the temptation of an afternoon nap. "I'm just going to watch some YouTube videos in bed" results in me falling asleep with my laptop on my chest, and my neck at an awkward angle nine times out of ten. 

I know that blaming my late starts on my night owl tendencies is me dodging responsibility, and that if I really wanted to be more of an early bird, with effort and persistence I could be... but I will still put my foot down and argue that naturally, my body is wired to stay up late. When I was in sixth form, my most productive study sessions were in the dead of night, wrapped up in a fleecy dressing gown with the soundtrack to The Wolf of Wall Street playing softly in the background... didn't want to wake the 'rents up! And I'm writing this at quarter to eleven, despite having plenty of free hours earlier in the day to put pen to paper. 

I need to work on creating a better, healthier sleeping pattern that I don't deviate from by more than an hour or two. Perhaps arranging to see a friend for breakfast, booking an early dentist appointment, or signing up to nine o'clock lectures will help me get my bum out of bed nice and early... and get my head on the pillow at a reasonable time. Actually, now I think about it, this semester coming I do have quite a few early starts, so I better get my act together! 

I often romanticise the idea of being an early bird and imagine people rising from their slumber feeling refreshed and motivated, then doing some morning yoga amongst bird song, followed by enjoying a beautifully presented breakfast of berries and Greek yogurt... all before 8am. I know that's probably not how it goes, but I would like to be more of a morning person nonetheless. I hope I can work at quietening my inner night owl and its nocturnal tendencies (or should I say hooting... haha), because I want to see 8am more often! 



  1. You sounds just like me girl! I ENVY early birds! I get up early for work. Well because... WORK.

    But on the weekends, I usually end up getting up far later to the point where I think, I could have got so much more done!

    Halima | Fashionicide


  2. I wish I also could wake up and be awake in the fullest sense of the world.

  3. Really love your post ! xo
    Can we follow each other ? Let me know on my blog and I will follow back immediately xo

    BLOG | GorisHelena

  4. I really struggle to wake up early too! And on an off chance that I do manage to wake up early, I decide to check my phone first and there goes two hours!
    Aria | Girl in a Whimsical Land