Saturday, 12 December 2015

Another rant about how I wish I was an early bird...

Last year at uni, I was fab at staying up all night. Whether it was for finishing off an essay, or trying to make myself extra tired to rejig my (usually atrocious) sleeping pattern (oh how cliche for a student), give me a few brews and a good Spotify playlist, and I could power right through. And I mean right through. If my sleeping pattern had got really bad, I'd stay up all night and then have a busy day the next day... it'd mean that I'd been awake for an obscene amount of hours, but then I'd be able to go to bed early, as I was actually tired at a reasonable time, and attempt to get back to normality. But, to my dismay, my all-nighter skills seem to have diminished. I can't power through. I manage until about 6am, then I crash and end up sleeping in late... and then I'm not tired until the early hours and it all happens again... vicious cycle or what?! 

What I would really love, but unfortunately can't see myself finding it easy to do, is to have a set bedtime and wake-up time - a proper, regular routine that my body would grow super-used to. Obviously it would fluctuate on weekends, but I'd try and keep that to a minimum. Ahhh yes, that idea of routine and structure and quality sleep sounds so great. But would I, a person who can be asleep by 10pm one day, and be up writing blog posts the next at 4am, realistically stick to such a routine? Either way though, I do really need to sort my body clock out, strict routine or not, it just needs to improve. 

Yes, I know exactly what you're thinking... "All students tweet 'I need to sort my sleeping pattern out #uniprobs' at least once a week"... but it's true! Uni has the ability to turn even the earliest of birds into an over-sleeper, what with its late lectures and lack of your mother's presence. Who else relied on their mom to violently bang on their door until you yelled "I'm up!" during high school? Maybe I should download one of those sleep cycle app thingys, or maybe I should rekindle my old skills and power though an all-nighter again and give my sleeping pattern a vigorous shake? 

The rare times that I am in a good routine when it comes to sleeping, I always realise how many of my personal gripes in life: feeling unproductive, not managing three proper meals a day, not doing enough exercise... are solves by the simple act of getting up earlier. It's like magic - and I want that magic back in my life. 



  1. Lovely post! I think I am quite good with my sleeping routine! I usually get to sleep by 10 each night and get a good 8 hours! I hope this doesn't go out the window when I go to uni in a couple of years x

  2. It is hard to stick to a routine, but I'm pretty good at getting up in the morning no matter how late I stay up. I'm a morning person I guess! Getting up earlier helps me feel more productive too. Loved this post x