Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Rain Storm

The other day I walked out of Sainsburys, laden with heavy bags, and stumbled straight into a huge rain storm. Within thirty seconds I was drenched. We're talking clothes completely see-through, sodden feet and rat's tails for hair. And for this first half a minute, the optimistic thoughts of "maybe it'll sop", " maybe I won't get too soaked if I walk super fast", "maybe my flimsy hood will help?!" whizzed through my mind. But by the time my bra was pretty much on show because my shirt was so bloody saturated, I gave up on that optimism... and tried out a different type... 

I was already drenched, a few more minutes in the storm wasn't going to change much, and I was heading home anyway. Yeah it was a pain in the bum, but I could have a nice warm shower as soon as I got in. I just accepted the rain and my sodden state, and strolled along the puddle-filled streets, splashing around and not giving a damn... not even looking to see if I was heading straight into the puddles... what a rebel. Cars zoomed past me and their drivers probably laughed at my appearance, but I didn't care - there was nothing I could do about it right then, and the promise of a long soak in the shower was keeping me content. 

Something about this little experience reminded me to try not to get so uptight about things, to not care so much about what others think, and to not catastrophize things and get so worked up. It felt liberating to stomp in the puddles nonchalantly, fully accepting that I was in a rain storm, that I couldn't avoid getting wet, and that it was okay. 


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  1. This was a strangely inspiring post haha! I'm so glad to have discovered your blog, I love it!
    -Morgan |